Ruby Classy Nursery and Primary School was established on 17th Sepember, 2001, our little begining has metamophosised to what we behold in greatness today which is responsible for the the birth of Ruby peculiar College on 16th september 2013, we strongly believe it is Gods portion for us. Ruby is well structured with comprehensive child friendly system of education.

The academic system show case world class curriculum with efficient instructional material to aid learning. Attention is focused on good attendance, upright behaviour, examination grades, self esteem, acceptance of others, love for one another and walking in Gods love. The school is divided into four houses namely Hope, Unity, Faith and Charity. Ruby is enriched with dedicated, committed experts to make a difference in teaching/ learning. Learners are prepared with enough potentials to help them attain distinct height in the future. They are stars and our parents are Excellent.

Why we are special


To provide an all round positive, qualitative and quantitative education towards attainments of excellence in moral, academic and life endeavours for children. This is blended with programmes to mould and discipline God-fearing leaders of tomorrow. To raise students that will be Distinguished both in Character and Moral Standards.


To cause a major ripple in the education sector of Tarab State by insisting on exceptionally high standard. To create a mark of Distinction in the Educational Sector. By Providing Quality Education Through Commitment to Academic excellence. Blended with High Moral Principles Leading to a Successful Future that will Benefit Humanity.


We are planted by the river side and watered by the Lord. We raise stars/peculiar leaders.

Our learners: By destiny they are stars but actually shine by God’s wisdom.

Our teachers: Faithful, Available, and Teachable (FAT)

Parents: Simply Excellent.

Creche Babies comfort zone
Play group Pre-school
Nursery 1 & 2 The place for solid foundation
Primary/stage 1 ― 6 Pre-school
Play group Pre-school


Ruby Peculiar Song

We are the chosen generation
Peculiar Leaders
We are the light of the world.
We will arise and shine for excellence
Honour and Glory,
Ruby peculiar
Lift up your Diadem
Shine to your world
In Excellence we shine

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Ruby Schools’ Pledge

I pledge allegiance to God Almighty,
The dispenser of wisdom,
My parents and this noble institution ‘Ruby’.
To be an ambassador of peace, love and good morals.
I will never do evil; never be part of any.
I will do all things to glorify God,
Lifting Ruby schools,
And making my parents proud to have me;
Upholding the founder’s vision,
And dispensing good humanity.
So help me God.

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